Our Story

Using Sight for Sounds

At Xander, we are dedicated to helping people understand and feel understood. We use augmented reality (AR) to enhance in-person conversations to create deeper connections. Our first product is XanderGlasses, captioning glasses for people with hearing loss. Our glasses work like a simple on/off appliance. Put them on and you'll see speech-bubbles-like captions of what other people are saying, helping you to better listen, understand, and connect. 

Meet Our Team

Alex Westner
Co-Founder & CEO

20+ years leading product strategy at iZotope, Gibson, and Fidelity. He earned an MS from MIT Media Lab for acoustics and audio processing, and is a former electropunk keytarist.

Marilyn Morgan Westner
Co-Founder & Content

20+ years researching and educating at Harvard, HBS, and UMass Boston. She has a PhD in history and believes in the power of stories and dark chocolate to change the world.

Alex T Parisi
Alex T. Parisi

7 years developing products across multiple industries and platforms after earning an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. He’s an active traveler, fashion enthusiast, and amateur origami artist.

Willy Jones

15 years in customer success, web dev, DevOps, MOps, RevOps, IT, compliance & security. He is an avid berry farmer, collector of chickens, purveyor of fine maple syrup, Bari Sax player and just an OK drummer.

Curtis Eichner

5 years as a game developer with a focus on innovation and new technologies. When he's on the ski slopes, he has a focus on not falling!

Luka Jovanović

A Master's student at Northeastern University, specializing in AI. His passion lies at the intersection of machine learning and biomedical research.

Richard Einhorn

Hearing loss industry expert, advocate, and former board chair of the Hearing Loss Association of America. He is an award-winning composer of contemporary classical music.

matt panucci
Matt Panucci

20+ years as an intrapreneur with large consumer goods companies including EssilorLuxottica. He’s served as an advisor to numerous tech-enabled consumer goods startups.

Tom von Sternberg, MD
Tom von Sternberg, MD

38 year career in Geriatrics, designing innovative care solutions to help seniors remain independent, focusing much of his work on individuals with dementia. When weather permits, he can be found at his rowing club on the Mississippi.