Customer-Driven Product 

Xander listens to our customers and empathizes with their pain points. Customer engagement influences all aspects of our business — from product design to support and service. 

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Assistive technology should simplify your life, not complicate it.

Many users told us that current products have complicated interfaces and unreliable technology which makes them unhelpful. People just want to be able to understand what others are saying, especially in noisy environments. After direct customer research with hundreds of people who tested prototypes, we developed XanderGlasses using 9 core principles.

Xander's Core Design Principles

XanderGlasses are ready to go out of the box. Just push a button, put the glasses on, and you’ll see real-time captions of what other people are saying, superimposed right in your field of view. There's no need to worry about pairing to your phone, installing apps, or connecting to the cloud.
No strings attached — literally. XanderGlasses are 100% self-contained, so they don’t require a phone to work. You don’t need to be connected to WiFi and you don’t need a strong cell signal. There are no hidden data charges and no subscription fees. XanderGlasses just work—whenever and wherever you need them!
Conversations are personal and we respect privacy. Only you can access your conversations. Since XanderGlasses don't rely on a cloud service, no human or machine will hear conversations captioned by our glasses. Xander is SOC 2 compliant—we don’t collect your data!

In noisy environments, like crowded restaurants, city streets, and public venues, our glasses deliver an average of 90% accuracy in captions. Accuracy is even higher in quieter settings like someone's home, a doctor's office, or a small meeting room.

Unlike hearing aids which need to be tuned and cleaned regularly, Xander Captioning Glasses are maintenance-free. Simply wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth and charge with the USB-C cable. XanderGlasses come with everything you need.

Human communication isn't only what we say, it's also what we see and how we feel when we're interacting. Unlike a handheld listening device which requires you to look down, XanderGlasses project captions in front of you, at arm's length. This allows you to look at the speaker and surroundings while following the captions as needed.  

Safe & Durable

XanderGlasses are powered by Vuzix, an industry leader in protective eyewear.  The frames feature a titanium front. The lenses have full UV protection, and meet the highest safety standards, ANSI Z87.1 certification. 


Our lenses are clear and look like traditional eyewear. Every pair of XanderGlasses also comes with sunglass clip-ons. Single-vision prescription lenses are available at no extra cost.


XanderGlasses have the ergonomic design of Vuzix Shield, and they can be worn situationally, whenever you need them, for as little or as long as you like, unlike hearing aids which should be worn all day, every day. 

Technical details

  • Dual noise-canceling microphones capture speech.
  • High-accuracy captions project in real time to the wearer only.
  • Stand-alone, offline operation—for use anywhere.
  • Speech-to-text technology is built into the glasses; there's no need to rely on a smartphone.
  • Binocular display for comfortable reading.
  • Captions are private and secure: we do not store audio or captions.
  • Hands-free, wearable assistive tech is wireless, discreet, and comfortable.
  • Provides 6 hours of continual usage in connected mode; recharges via USB-C.
  • Option to insert prescription lenses for distance vision.

All you need in one kit

  • XanderGlasses & glasses cord
  • Protective hard case
  • Sunglasses clip-on
  • USB-C charging cable & brick
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Wireless microphone & receiver

Premium Product, Premium Value

The complete XanderGlasses kit is available in the U.S. at an all inclusive price of $4,999. 

Due to high demand and limited supply, Xander is now accepting pre-orders with a $499 deposit.

Behind the Glasses

Are XanderGlasses right for you?